Homeschooling Reading / Language Arts

Homeschooling: A Fun Sight Word Game

Review: Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Fostering a Book Time Ritual

Intentional Reading Using Georgia’s PINES Online Library Catalog

How I’ve Taught Kindergarten Reading

Homeschooling Reading and Language Arts for Kindergarten / 1st Grade

1st Grade Reading

Finished 100 Easy Lessons! – first grade

Magic Tree House Books

Homeschooling 3rd Grade Language Arts

4th Grade Homeschooling: Language Arts

Curriculum Review: Fix it! Grammar by IEW – on the HSL blog


And don’t forget to see my posts on Storytelling!

Here are a few:

Book Review: Tell Me a Story by Chase Collins ~or~ How I Use Storytelling as a Teaching Tool

How I Use Storytelling to Enrich the Lives of My Children

Two Stories I Made Up For My Five-Year-Old – to Show That YOU Can Do It Too!

Using Storytelling and Puppet Shows In Your Homeschool

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