Inspire Kids: “Strange Worlds” Photography

This inspiring video was sent to me by Coleen. Thanks, Coleen!  Unfortunately, I can't embed it into my website, so you'll have to follow the link below. By day, Matthew is a professional fashion photographer. By night, for the last five years, he’s been creating large dioramas of tiny environments and photographing them. If you knew … Continue reading Inspire Kids: “Strange Worlds” Photography

Inspire Kids: International Space Station Tour

This video requires no introduction. How cool is this? My six-year-old loved it.  I heard a resounding "OOOOoooo....Ahhh...." as she entered the cupola and looked down at earth. This was filmed in November 2012. (If you subscribe to my blog by e-mail, you may have to view this post on the Internet to see the … Continue reading Inspire Kids: International Space Station Tour

Inspire Kids: Shape-shifting dinosaurs

I found this informative Ted Talk, and I thought my six-year-old would enjoy it because like many children, he's very interested in dinosaurs. He did like it. I watched it with him, and I explained to him what the word "ego" means, and I also pointed to the charts as the paleontologist was talking since … Continue reading Inspire Kids: Shape-shifting dinosaurs

Inspire Kids: Slow motion of running cheetah

My husband found this awesome video on Boing Boing: Fantastic slow motion video of sprinting cheetah.  Of course he sent it to the six-year-old!  Not only is it a stunning video, I think it's a good example of how photography can help us learn more about animals and our world.  Watch it until the very end to … Continue reading Inspire Kids: Slow motion of running cheetah

Inspire Kids: Audri’s Rube Goldberg Monster Trap

I subscribe to the blog Mind Shift, and the other day they posted Physics in the Hands of a Seven-Year-Old.  It made me so happy to watch this video of a seven-year-old demonstrating his Rube Goldberg machine.  He is so enthusiastic!  What is more inspiring is that "Seven-year-old Audri wants to study robotics at MIT … Continue reading Inspire Kids: Audri’s Rube Goldberg Monster Trap