Magazine Update: Free Monthly Newsletter

home / school / life magazine is offering a free, monthly newsletter, and I hope you will sign up.

This will be the place where we can really engage with YOU, our readers. As I said before, I want home / school / life to be more than a magazine – I want it to be a community. So I want to learn what our readers have to say, and I want them to learn from each other! I hope you will consider contributing to some of these things we’ll have in our monthly newsletter, and maybe we’ll be inspired to cook up new ways for you to be part of our community in the future too!

Student Spotlight ~

We’re all doing this for our kids, right? So let’s celebrate our kids by sharing their work! Please send in a photo of your child’s project, artwork, or their participation in a class, field trip, your homeschool day, or whatever it is you’re proud about! Include a caption, child’s first name, age and the state or country.

Recipe Swap ~

I know all of you are much better cooks than I am! Please share your favorite recipe with us! (Please be aware of copyright if it’s not an original recipe. We may not be able to share a recipe that is not yours unless we get permission. Let us know – we may be able to help.)

Homeschooling Tip ~

We have all learned something from our homeschooling journey. Let’s share that with each other! We’re aiming to collect 101 quick homeschooling tips! The challenge will be to tell it in three sentences or less! Once we collect 101 of them, we will post them all on our website! (Hurry because we won’t publish tips that are too much alike.)

We’re happy to include any blog URLs with your contributions too!

I hope you’ll participate. There is no deadline. Just send me what you’ve got, and I’ll put them in a queue. We will be sending a newsletter once a month, so depending on how many are in the queue, your contribution may take awhile to appear. I’ll be sure to let you know when it does!

Of course, we’ll also use the newsletter to make important announcements and share interesting links, and I love inspirational quotes, so I’m going to include one of those in each newsletter too.

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