Homeschool Priorities Part 4: Teaching him how to find answers

My third homeschool priority is teaching my children how to find answers to their questions.  Right now this applies to my five-year-old since my two-year-old doesn’t have many questions yet, but he follows along. This is an idea I have to credit to Lori of Camp Creek Blog and my source for learning about project-based … Continue reading Homeschool Priorities Part 4: Teaching him how to find answers

The Importance of Play in Children’s Lives

Sometimes I’ll get the question: “How’s homeschooling going?” and I get a little taken aback because I feel as if I should answer: “It’s great! We’re doing reading, math, science, art and going on lots of field trips!” At least, that’s what I think people want to hear. After all, if my child were in Kindergarten, he would be getting a daily dose of the above. Truth be told, though we do a little of that stuff, and I’ve written about it in my columns, my main directive for my kids is “Go play.”

The Benefits of Storytelling

I've been spending the last few weeks thinking and writing about storytelling because I value the importance of storytelling for my children and community. I thought I would wrap up this series on storytelling by brainstorming several reasons why storytelling is so valuable for children and adults. I hope you might contribute to my list by adding your reasons in the comments section.

How I Use Storytelling to Enrich the Lives of My Children

Take away the pressure to create a good story and simply speak about what you love, where you would like to be, what you'd like to be doing and with the kind of people you love, and you create a beautiful fantasy that both you and your child can dream on and keep with you throughout your day. And then, of course, you might start to notice how your life parallels the lives of your characters...