Inspire Kids: “Strange Worlds” Photography

This inspiring video was sent to me by Coleen. Thanks, Coleen!  Unfortunately, I can’t embed it into my website, so you’ll have to follow the link below.

By day, Matthew is a professional fashion photographer. By night, for the last five years, he’s been creating large dioramas of tiny environments and photographing them. If you knew nothing about his process, you’d think his photographs were of real life places. ~ ‘Strange Worlds’ photographer aims to trick the eye

What I really love about this is that the artist talks about how discouraged he can get creating these dioramas, which can take 3-7 months to build. I stopped the video during that part and tried to emphasize it to my six-year-old because I’ve been trying to find ways of showing him that all artists and builders have to work through frustrations.

“But I found that making mistakes was the best thing for the work because I was able to discover methods and strategies to build future landscapes.” ~ Matthew Albanese

It didn’t seem like my six-year-old was really listening when I tried to emphasize that, but he did enjoy the video.  At any rate, I’m glad to have this on hand for future reference.  (After all, there have been times when I thought my son wasn’t interested in something I was trying to tell him, but at a later date, he’s brought it up again.)

Click below to go to the video and article, and Enjoy!

Strange Worlds’ photographer aims to trick the eye

pink columbines This is a new series I’ve started under the tag “Inspire Kids.”  If my six-year-old loves it, then maybe your children will too!