Think I’ll Sit Here A Spell…

Welcome to my new home on WordPress!  I’m very excited about changing over.  I will be focusing this blog more on homeschooling, and I’ll also be linking my newspaper columns to this site.  As you can see, I’ve already moved over many past blog posts relating to homeschooling.  I want to use the site as a way to chronicle my sons’ homeschooling.  A record-keeper of sorts.  Sometimes I’ll link to interesting to articles I find about homeschooling too.  I will write off-topic from time to time, but you’ll be able to locate whatever you are interested in by clicking on one of the categories to the right.  There are also many more tags you can chose from which you can find at the bottom of the page.

Please subscribe to my blog!  By entering your e-mail in the box to the right, you’ll receive each post I write in your inbox as soon as I publish it!  Or you can subscribe via RSS feed.  (Don’t worry.  I don’t have time to write everyday.)  Okay, so maybe you’ll only do this if you’re very interested in homeschooling.  I hope I can make some friends through this blog with like-minded souls.

Thank you & take care!