Visiting Amelia Island, Florida

This column was printed in the Barrow Journal on May 23, 2012.  To see a slideshow of photos I took while visiting Amelia Island, click here to go to my photography blog. In May I had the pleasure of going on vacation to Amelia Island, Florida with my favorite three boys and in-laws. Amelia Island is located … Continue reading Visiting Amelia Island, Florida

Hiking at Harris Shoals Park

Harris Shoals Park, Watkinsville, Georgia Note: This column was printed in the Barrow Journal on February 8, 2012. Now that the boys are getting a little older, we’re ready to hit the trails.  My husband initiated a hiking ritual for our family, and at Christmas, he and I got some new boots to make it … Continue reading Hiking at Harris Shoals Park

My Childhood Memories in Nature

Note: This column was printed in the Barrow Journal on January 25, 2012. Lately I’ve been reading a lot about the importance for children and adults to get out into nature.  If there’s one thing I appreciate about my own childhood, it’s that my parents both enjoyed the outdoors and most of our family vacations … Continue reading My Childhood Memories in Nature

Hiking 101: Getting the Family Into Nature

One of my best Christmas presents was a request from my husband that we buy ourselves some new hiking boots and begin to make hiking a priority and a ritual in this family.  Yahoo!  A mutual love of hiking was part of why I fell for my fella, and we used to go on day hikes … Continue reading Hiking 101: Getting the Family Into Nature