A couple of weeks ago, my boys had the pleasure of meeting their closest-in-age cousins because they came to visit us! My eldest son barely remembered when the eldest two cousins came to visit (the middle cousin was just a wee baby), but my youngest son didn’t remember them at all, and we’ve never met the youngest, who is three-years-old (you can see him on the far right in the photo), and he’s the most delightful and articulate three-year-old I’ve ever met!

So I had five little boys in my house for a whole week!! I thought it might turn out to be a bit overwhelming, but actually, I never tired the whole time they were here. I was just so happy to have company, and I love little boys beyond belief. (I’m sure this has something to do with my two boys.)

It was the ultimate playdate for my two boys. Almost one week of non-stop playing and/or interacting (minus one day they went to visit other family members). What’s that? About 10 hours a day?! That’s got to be the equivalent to a year of regular bi-weekly playdates, right?!

We went to the Tellus Science Museum, fishing at my aunt’s place, spent a day at Harris Shoals Park, and of course they played at my home and made use of all our toys and gadgets. It was great fun.

I was a little worried that it would be difficult for my children to get back into their regular routine after their cousins left, and I was right. That first day was pretty solemn, and I could tell both the boys were sad. My nine-year-old recovered faster, but I think it took my six-year-old a good three days before he could go back to entertaining himself.

I can remember feeling very sad when I was young after a long, fun visit with a relative too. But getting together is still important, and I hope we can keep the bonds that my boys formed with their cousins strong.