Daily Life is Boring to Write About

It was warm the other day, and we went on a little hike for the first time in I-don’t-remember-how-long.

Daily life is not boring. We are beginning to delve into ancient Greece, and I’m so excited that I’ll be reading all the Greek myths to the boys. I don’t remember them myself — this is an education for me too.

As the boys are steadily gaining math skills, I’m brushing up on mine too. I hated math when I was young because the classes I took pushed me forward in the curriculum before I was ready. This is what’s brilliant about homeschooling — you can stick with something until your kid really understands it. Then you move on. Why isn’t that common sense?

The boys and I are learning Spanish and Chinese, and you know what? It’s fun! But we are going slow-slow so that each of us have time to memorize everything before moving on to the next lessons. There’s a certain somebody who memorizes everything so fast (geez), but he wants to wait for us, which is so nice of him.

Classical music (and all kinds of music) abound in this house, and I’m so lucky that it’s a backdrop to my chores and activities. Competitions are happening, preparation, theory tests.

Stress happens too. A new roof. Falling trees. A pet that needs surgery. Why does everything always happen at once? This is why I hope that lots of families will find The Everyday Homeschooler compelling enough to buy.

We are turning into a gaming family. The boys have all kinds of board games they play together as well as their digital games. Lately they have enjoyed Munchkin and Star Wars Risk. My eight-year-old loves to win, and he forced me into bankruptcy yesterday in the original monopoly game (the first time we played it). :/

We are watching The Flash, and we love it. We can’t wait to see what will come next. My favorite documentary last week was First Face of America, which you should go watch right now at that link before they take it off the NOVA website.

Hold on my northern friends! Spring is coming.

Life may not be boring, but I can write about it only so much, or I’m going to bore you. I mean, how many times do you want to read that the eight-year-old beat me at Star Wars Monopoly? Or that the eleven-year-old played Mozart’s Fantasia for the thousandth time, or that I’m still a failure at cooking, but all the laundry gets done, and the dishes are washed three times a day. Oh, and I finished Gerald Durrell’s third book in the My Family and Other Animals series. (It was good!)

What I’m saying is that I may not be here very much, but I am here, living life with all its ups and downs. And I’d love it if more people e-mailed me, and I wish more people asked me questions and gave me ideas to write about on this blog. If you don’t want to, I understand. Because I know you’re over there living your life, which I hope is good and anything but boring too.