I Need Your Help

Dear Readers,

I’m very excited that my very first e-book is almost ready to publish! This is a short book, and it’s the one I’m using to learn the ropes as I go about this business of e-publishing. I’ll be using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (for better or worse – as I said, I’m just learning right now).

This e-book will contain essays and photography that I wrote and took right before and after my second son was born, so it’s geared to new mothers. Many of them have not been published on this blog.

What I didn’t anticipate was how difficult it would be to come up with a title and cover for this book. Unlike the other e-books I’m hoping to write, which lend themselves to titles, this one is a little more difficult. It’s one mother’s experience as she welcomes her second baby into the world and leaves behind the leisurely days of caring for just one child. (Oh, she didn’t realize they were ‘leisurely’ until she had the second child.)

One theme that runs through the book is the seasons and sometimes I compare the stages of new motherhood to the different seasons, which is why you’ll see allusions to this in the cover and title options below.

What I’d like you to do is pick your favorite. Or more specifically, what would grab you, if you were shopping for an e-book on this subject? If nothing grabs you, feel free to tell me that too! Or a different combination of photo/title. Like I said, this is my learning experience and e-book “experiment.” I will appreciate any thoughts or advice from more seasoned e-book writers!

Keep in mind that I want my title to contain a searchable keyword. So “motherhood” or “mother” needs to be in there. I’m finally starting to lean toward one of these, so I’m interested in hearing what grabs you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!


I've Reached Autumn and Other Essays from a New Mother


New Motherhood 2


Seasons of New Motherhood 2


What I Least Expected

Tell me which is your favorite in the comments! #1, #2, #3, or #4? Or you can e-mail me at shellipabis (at) gmail (dot) com. THANK YOU.

(UPDATE: Nathalie came up with an alternative in the comments which is more to the point of what my essays are about: “And Then There Were Two: Essays on Motherhood.” Feel free to weigh in on that too.)