Counting My Blessings at Christmastime

Artwork I commissioned my six-year-old to do. "A T-Rex eating a Christmas tree." Note: This column was published in the Barrow Journal on December 23, 2015. As I write this, my nine-year-old is completing the last class of his homeschool chemical engineering class, and there are many blessings in that. 1) He enjoyed the class and learned … Continue reading Counting My Blessings at Christmastime

Letters to Santa

{Addresses for Santa Claus to receive a reply} This column was printed in the Barrow Journal on December 5, 2012. I’ve created a tradition of having my six-year-old write a letter to Santa every November, and he loves doing this.  He definitely wants Santa to know what he’s wishing for. My son doesn’t know it, but I … Continue reading Letters to Santa

The Best Christmas Gifts For This Tired Mama

Note: This column appeared in the Barrow Journal on December 22, 2011. Last week we trimmed the tree, or, actually, my five-year-old trimmed the tree.  I assembled it and put the lights on, and then he put on every single ornament by himself.  He got very irritated with me if I tried to put one on. … Continue reading The Best Christmas Gifts For This Tired Mama