Homeschooling Kindergarten / 1st Grade

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The following posts cover our school year 2012/2013.  At this time, my eldest son was six-years-old.  If he were in public school, I would have put him in Kindergarten, but a lot of the following is at a 1st grade level.  Hence, “Kindergarten/1st Grade”.  Click here for more Kindergarten.

Graduating to Kindergarten or 1st Grade?

Back to Homeschool (Sept. 2012)

Back to Homeschool Update (Sept. 2012)

Using Technology in Home Education

Using E-mail in Homeschool

Post Script: Using E-mail in Home Education

An update on our homeschool math, Life of Fred: Butterflies

Our Mid-Year Homeschool Update (December 2012)

Building the Titanic: Project-based Homeschooling

Little Builders

Homeschooling Reading and Language Arts for Kindergarten / 1st Grade

Rockets and the Benefits of Failure: Project-based Homeschooling

How to Make a Terrarium

The Little Projects: Project-based Homeschooling

Raising Butterflies

2nd Generation Butterflies

Homeschooling: End of the Year Review and Progress Report

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