How We Homeschool

Philosophical Stuff

Why We Homeschool

My Definition of Child-led Learning

Achieving Homeschool Academic Goals – on the home/school/life blog

Our Homeschool Mission

Setting Our Homeschool Priorities for Two Boys, ages 5 and 2  (For follow-up posts, look under “Kindergarten.”)

Supporting Your Child’s Interests Is a Good Thing

Learning Is Like a Chain Link Fence

Important Elements of Our Homeschool

Project-based Homeschooling


Nitty Gritty Schedule and Curriculum Stuff

At Home with the Editors: Shelli’s Homeschool – A post I wrote for the home / school / life blog. It’s a very good overview of the resources I used with my eldest son through the 2nd grade and how we homeschool.

Back to Homeschool (Kindergarten Sept. 2012)

Back to Homeschool Update (Kindergarten Sept. 2012)

Our Mid-Year Homeschool Update (Kindergarten December 2012)

Birthday Week and Project Month (Kindergarten/1st Grade August 2013)

The Only Preschool Curriculum You Need Is Your Enthusiasm (Beginning Preschool w/ the second child September 2013)

Our 1st Grade Homeschool Schedule and Curriculum (Fall 2013)

Our 2nd Grade Homeschool Schedule and Curriculum (Fall 2014)

Homeschool: 2nd Grade Mid-year Report (January 2015) – Life interrupted us & I changed our curriculum a little.

Homeschooling 3rd grade: A New Venture – Our curriculum and schedule

How do you balance supporting your child’s interests while also achieving the academic goals you believe they need?

Some Tools We Use

Homeschooling: A Room for Learning – We converted our dining room into an “activity room”

Using Technology in Home Education

Using E-mail in Homeschool

Post Script: Using E-mail in Home Education

Keeping Track of Homeschool Progress

Printables to Help You Homeschool – All the forms I mention in these posts for you to download and adapt to your needs. (For free!)

Recording A Homeschool Student’s Progress: The Homeschool Portfolio, Part 1

A Homeschool Pre-Kindergarten Graduation (Pre-K Spring 2012)

Marking the End of the Year – Do Homeschoolers Really Have to? (Kindergarten Spring 2013)

Homeschooling: End of the Year Review and Progress Report (Kindergarten Summer 2013)

Homeschooling: Our 1st Grade End of Year Review and Progress Report (Summer 2014)

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