Free U.S. and World History Online Lectures

My husband, George, has a Master’s Degree in Russian History and a Ph.D. in American History. He is the author of Daily Life along the MississippiHe has been teaching both American and world history at the college level for over 20 years. For fifteen years, he taught face-to-face classes, and then for a number of years, he taught hybrid courses, which were a combination of online and face-to-face. At first, he was skeptical about online courses, but his fascination with using technology in education slowly led him in that direction, and now he teaches online full-time. He uses these lectures today in his online classes at Georgia State University Perimeter College.

These links will take you to my husband’s playlists on YouTube. Now you can follow along with the screencasts as well as listen to the lectures. (Although these lectures were created for the college level, my 11-year-old has been able to follow along without a problem.)

  1. George Pabis’s U.S. History Lecture Videos
  2. George Pabis’s World History to 1500 Lecture Videos
  3. George Pabis’s World History from 1500 Lecture Videos

I’m keeping track of how we teach history with these podcasts as well as listing all the books, documentaries and other resources we use with our boys. Check out “History Lessons” in the menu at the top of my blog for access to all those posts. Also feel free to contact me with any questions.