Counting My Blessings at Christmastime

Artwork I commissioned my six-year-old to do. "A T-Rex eating a Christmas tree." Note: This column was published in the Barrow Journal on December 23, 2015. As I write this, my nine-year-old is completing the last class of his homeschool chemical engineering class, and there are many blessings in that. 1) He enjoyed the class and learned … Continue reading Counting My Blessings at Christmastime

Thanksgiving Wreath

This is a Thanksgiving wreath that my son made last year....  We're having a cozy Thanksgiving at home this year, and the only true activity we are doing besides cooking, eating, and reading our Thanksgiving books is make this autumn wreath out of cotton, natural items from our yard and natural items that my son's cousin … Continue reading Thanksgiving Wreath

Scary, Oozy, Slimy Day at the Sandy Creek Nature Center

Attending Scary, Oozy, Slimy Day every October at the Sandy Creek Nature Center in Athens, Georgia has become a tradition in my family. There's nothing scary about it, of course. It's a wonderful event that showcases under appreciated animals such as snakes, frogs, bugs, spiders and more. There are many hands-on activities and games for … Continue reading Scary, Oozy, Slimy Day at the Sandy Creek Nature Center