Strange Month May 2020 has been a weird month, and I know that I don't have to explain why to anybody. I hope whoever is reading this is okay, and you aren't struggling too much. We're okay. We're still staying home for the most part and only going out when necessary. I don't like having to … Continue reading May

Scheduling Your Homeschool Day

Looking back over the years that we've homeschooled, we have kept a very similar schedule each year, though, of course, it gets tweaked here and there. For me, the best time for formal, academic lessons has been in the mornings right after breakfast, though for my younger son, he isn't a morning person, so I … Continue reading Scheduling Your Homeschool Day

School Closures vs. Homeschooling

Starting on Friday, my little homeschooling blog has gotten a big spike in stats. No doubt this is due to the number of parents who are now required to teach their children at home due to the school closures surrounding COVID-19. I wish I could tell them right now not to worry.  And, this probably isn't … Continue reading School Closures vs. Homeschooling

Stuck at Home? Need to Teach Your Kids? Try these ideas.

It seems imminent that there will be more school closings, and people will be working remotely as the coronavirus continues to spread around the U.S. I hope that it won't be too bad. I hope that no one else will die. But we have to do everything we can do to slow it down so … Continue reading Stuck at Home? Need to Teach Your Kids? Try these ideas.

the mid-point of my son’s homeschool education (7th grade)

I have been reflecting lately on how we are homeschooling, or maybe a better way of putting it is that I have been reflecting on how homeschooling is going for my son, my 7th grader. Back when he was five and we made the final decision that we weren't going to enroll him in Kindergarten … Continue reading the mid-point of my son’s homeschool education (7th grade)