Art, Music and Crafts


The Power of Time and Materials

Homeschooling: 1st Grade Art Explorations

Project-based Homeschooling: My four-year-old’s projects

The Georgia Museum of Art (field trip), Athens, GA

Project-based Homeschooling: Mama’s Sketchbook Habit

Project-based Homeschooling: My seven-year-old and his pottery

Project-based Homeschooling: Long-term clay interest

Project-based Homeschooling: Pottery Class Update

Project-based Homeschooling: Sketching at the Botanical Garden

Art Fridays: Homeschool Art Lessons

Art Lessons + Math

Art field trip to GMOA again, Athens, GA

Greenville County Museum of Art, SC

Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art, Biloxi, MS

Mobile Museum of Art, AL


Piano Lessons

Project-based Homeschooling: Piano

Three Years of Piano

Homeschooling & Music: Cello


The Easiest Way to Paper Mache (Paper Mache Bugs)

Project-based Homeschooling: This year’s cardboard projects – 1st grade

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