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Mama of Letters is written by Shelli Bond Pabis : shellipabis (at) gmail (dot) com


Shelli Bond Pabis is a writer, photographer and homeschooling mom to two boys. She is senior editor at home / school / life magazine, and she has written a weekly newspaper column about daily life, homeschooling and motherhood for over six years. Her non-fiction has appeared in Athens Magazine, Barrow JournalGeorgia BackroadsAtlanta Homeschool, home / school / life, Georgia Connector, and she has read several essays on Georgia Public Radio. She chronicles her family’s homeschooling journey on her blog, mamaofletters.com.

She also offers free homeschool coaching.


“I am a champion of moms, dads and children.

You don’t have to homeschool, stay at home full time, adhere to a certain parenting style or obsess about your child’s future to be a good mom or dad. You just need to love that child like no other. Pay attention to him and find out who he really is, and then show him all the possibilities! Show him how to work hard on his goals through your own example.

I want to mentor my children and inspire other parents to be mentors to their children.

I was a creative kid, and I still am. Very Visual. Nature Lover. Introverted. I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was ten years old, and while I had a great mom and a few memorable teachers, I left home and college knowing very little about self-discipline, financial matters or how to build a career in my chosen vocationI know I would have benefitted from more intentional mentoring from an adult who could see my talents and help me develop them in a practical way.

I want to inspire parents to support their child’s interests, and I want to give you tips on how to do this. 

I hope that by sharing my story, you’ll be inspired to follow your child’s interests, let them play, spend relaxed time with them, give yourself plenty of breaks, and not worry so much about what other parents are doing. (If that means you need to stop reading my blog, then by all means do that.)”

Our homeschool priorities in no particular order:

Play : Nature : Learning how to learn : Storytelling : Fostering Creativity : Teach Compassion

We follow our children’s interests by using project-based homeschooling techniques and supplement that with some curriculum, storytelling, lots of documentaries and time spent in nature.

Thanks for reading. 

My boys were born in August 2006 & 2009. My husband is a history professor, and you can listen to his lectures for free at History for Homeschoolers.



Please e-mail me. I need more grown-ups to talk to. shellipabis (at) gmail (dot) com

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5 thoughts on “About Shelli

    1. I am so flattered! Thank you so much! I’m very tempted to do this because I enjoyed reading your post, but years ago I told myself I wouldn’t accept awards anymore. (Mama of Letters had another life before I started homeschooling.) After a few awards, I felt like I would be giving them all to the same people, and that’s not fair, but I didn’t know enough bloggers! Not so long ago, I turned down another one, so I think I better stick to that policy. Again, I really appreciate it though. Thank you so much!


  1. Shelli, I agree with you about storytelling! We do this as a part of life with our 5 year old. I have a blog about homeschooling projects that I would love for you to check out if you have the time or interest.
    Keep up the good work!
    Good thoughts, Karen


    1. Thank you for introducing yourself, Karen. It’s great to connect with another storyteller! I’ll definitely check out your blog.


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