2nd Grade

2nd grade with my youngest son:

Our 2nd Grade Homeschool Schedule and Curriculum (2017)

It’s Still Birds

Homeschooling & Music: Cello

Board Games

2nd Grade Homeschool Curriculum Review


2nd grade with my eldest son:

Homeschooling: Transitioning to 2nd Grade

Our 2nd Grade Homeschool Schedule and Curriculum (2014)

Project-based Homeschooling: Tardigrades

Project-based Homeschooling: Rube Goldberg Machine

Homeschool: 2nd Grade Mid-year Report


Project-based Homeschooling: Growing Mushrooms Update

Project-based Homeschooling: Pottery Class Update

Art Fridays: Homeschool Art Lessons

Project-based Homeschooling: Paper Dinosaurs + 1

Project-based Homeschooling: Timeline of my Son’s Star Wars Project

Testing – This year I decided to make use of a practice test book, and this is what I learned from doing that.

Project-based Homeschooling: Carnivorous Plants Update

Piano Lessons

Our Summer Homeschooling Plans

Civil War Badge

Art Lessons + Math

Project-based Homeschooling: Robotics

Our Homeschool End of Year Review and Celebration


The following posts were all written during my eldest son’s 2nd grade year:

Why We Homeschool

At Home with the Editors: Shelli’s Homeschool – A list of our curriculum thus far on the home / school / life blog.

At Home with the Editors: Shelli’s Project-based Homeschool – A good summary on how PBH has worked so far and what I have learned from it.

If you are needing to teach your child at home due to the school closures, feel free to ask me any questions. Don’t try to replicate school or my homeschool! Take some time to relax. You’ll figure it out.

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