The Sandwich Years and Homeschool Life

Mom and Me

Some day I will look back on the last few years and remember how they were challenging, yet they are some of the years I was most alive and most needed. There has been a lot of joy along with the sad parts, and it continues to sustain me. Life is not just one or the other. It’s a little bit of everything, and I’m happy to be living it.

Among other things, I’ve been losing my parents. Two years ago in January, my dad died. This January, my mother reached a critical point when she could no longer refuse help. I flew to my old home, Las Vegas, for four weeks, and I moved her into an assisted living memory care. It was difficult, yet I surprised myself at how I handled it. I left Las Vegas a young girl, and I returned as a middled aged mama who knows how to take care of other people. 

I wish I could have stayed with Mom longer, but I’m also glad to be home because my family needs me. But, hey, I think they appreciate me a little more after my absence! My boys stepped up to the plate, helping around the house while I was gone. I think the whole experience raised us up a notch in our Life Skills. 

It’s taking me a while to get back into the swing of things at home. I’m overseeing my mom’s care from afar and dealing with some other issues. I have so much I’m coordinating for my homeschool boys: a middle schooler and high schooler/active performing pianist. I have a lot I could write about, but I don’t have much inclination to write at the moment. Maybe in the future…

I have moved a lot of my old things from my home in Las Vegas to Georgia….my high school and college life in two big boxes, and I need to figure out which cluttered corner of my house to put them. 😉 Wow, how crazy it is to look through these things! I’ve changed so much. The girl who was once me seems like someone else, yet she also seems quite familiar. 

Please let me know what’s going on in your life in the comments or by email. I may be quiet here for awhile, but I’m always available by email.

Part of the reason I keep a blog is because being a stay-at-home mom can be lonely! So please reach out with a message, if you have a question or would like to chat. I usually write back within 24 hours, but please be patient.

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