September 2021

During the summer, I got up early to take my walks because it’s too hot here to take them any other time of day. Above is a photograph of a sunrise I happened to capture on one of my walks. It’s also symbolic of the path I’m on right now. I have to retrace my steps over and over in daily life. Sometimes this can feel like a grind, but if I pay attention, every day offers something new.

2 thoughts on “September 2021

  1. So lovely to read your news – and I’m so with you on the importance of doing your part not just for your family but for others and getting the vaccs (feeling fortunate here in the U.K. that we have had a higher takeup and our families are double jabbed – although we are still wearing masks (not mandatory!), not meeting in large numbers and staying cautious. We go to a parent-toddler forest school session each week and I too am trying to get us out on nature trails a bit more – it’s the ideal season for it (foraging blackberries for the first time!)
    I love following how you’re all progressing . As a parent of a very young child (preschool age now), I can see how fast childhood goes, and there are so many shifts happening (developmentally/emotionally/socially) and it’s quite amazing to see the changes happening. I’m adapting in the moment! It’s hard to imagine what home educating could look like from day to day when my son is older, so it’s especially nice to see how other families make it work for them along the way šŸ™‚ x


    1. Hi Lou! It’s great to hear from you! I’m really glad the U.K. is doing better at vaccinations too. I’m sure that gives you some peace of mind. Our county right now is a “severe” risk area. Sigh. The parent-toddler forest school sounds awesome! I know you’re enjoying that. Yes, you have to constantly adapt, but mostly, it’s fun. Enjoy the journey!


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