September 2021

During the summer, I got up early to take my walks because it’s too hot here to take them any other time of day. Above is a photograph of a sunrise I happened to capture on one of my walks. It’s also symbolic of the path I’m on right now. I have to retrace my steps over and over in daily life. Sometimes this can feel like a grind, but if I pay attention, every day offers something new.

Now I can officially say that I have a 15-year-old and a 12-year-old!  We also started 9th grade and 6th grade this month. In some ways, I feel like this school year is already dragging its feet. In other ways, I feel like we haven’t quite started yet. It’s been a weird month and like no other. This may be because my boys are in more online classes, and I’m doing less lesson planning. I’m much better at organizing events and schedules than I am at teaching, so this is a good fit for me. However, I feel like we’re still just getting our feet wet. We’re trying to figure out the best schedule and how to fit everything in.

Since my eldest son is in high school now, my radar is always on what he’s doing. It’s easy to let my 6th grader’s tasks go unchecked. I try to remedy that by making copious lists and reminders on my phone. It’s not easy going back and forth between both boys, especially when life interrupts. I know we’ll get into a groove eventually.

After being stuck at home for two years because of this pandemic and other health issues, we are almost ready to get back out into the world again, though we’ll continue to be cautious. Though we were planning to be careful anyway, one of our doctors told us to be careful. The Delta variant is rampant, and it tends to go after the heart more. I’m grateful for more vaccine mandates, and I don’t understand people who don’t want to get the vaccine (unless there is a health condition preventing it) or think mandates are taking away our rights. We do not have the right to hurt other people. I was not allowed to attend school as a kid unless I had certain vaccines, and I remember when I went to live in Japan for a year, I had to prove that I had certain vaccines before I could go. I also had to get our pediatrician to sign a form about my son’s vaccines when we sought services for him at our local school. Vaccine requirements are not new. Because of the high numbers of unvaccinated people, we have had to stay at home longer. That’s curbed our freedom. So I feel angry about the misinformation that’s going around. It’s very frustrating.

But I try not to dwell on these things. I remain grateful that we work at home and homeschool, especially right now. I have a loving family, and we have fun together. We’ve hit some nature trails lately, and we’re planning to do more of that as the weather gets cooler. We play lots of games, and the boys are playing chamber music every Sunday. That’s a treat! I’m also having fun teaching 9th grade literature to my 15-year-old. Speaking of literature, we’re reading some good books for fun right now:

My 15-year-old pianist is loving this: The Great Pianists: From Mozart to the Present by Harold C. Schonberg

My 12-year-old says he really likes this: Greenglass House by Kate Milford (National Book Award Nominee and Winner of the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery)

And I’m enjoying What Passes as Love by Trisha R. Thomas. This was offered free on the Kindle through Amazon First Reads because I’m a Prime member. I love my Kindle!

I hope your new homeschool year has started off good, and if you aren’t homeschooling, I hope good things are happening in your life. I especially hope everyone is healthy. Please leave me a note and tell me what good books you are reading these days. And I’m always willing to answer your questions about homeschooling. Don’t hesitate to ask.

2 thoughts on “September 2021

  1. So lovely to read your news – and I’m so with you on the importance of doing your part not just for your family but for others and getting the vaccs (feeling fortunate here in the U.K. that we have had a higher takeup and our families are double jabbed – although we are still wearing masks (not mandatory!), not meeting in large numbers and staying cautious. We go to a parent-toddler forest school session each week and I too am trying to get us out on nature trails a bit more – it’s the ideal season for it (foraging blackberries for the first time!)
    I love following how you’re all progressing . As a parent of a very young child (preschool age now), I can see how fast childhood goes, and there are so many shifts happening (developmentally/emotionally/socially) and it’s quite amazing to see the changes happening. I’m adapting in the moment! It’s hard to imagine what home educating could look like from day to day when my son is older, so it’s especially nice to see how other families make it work for them along the way 🙂 x


    1. Hi Lou! It’s great to hear from you! I’m really glad the U.K. is doing better at vaccinations too. I’m sure that gives you some peace of mind. Our county right now is a “severe” risk area. Sigh. The parent-toddler forest school sounds awesome! I know you’re enjoying that. Yes, you have to constantly adapt, but mostly, it’s fun. Enjoy the journey!


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