History Lesson Log #5: The Islamic World

I don’t always have the resources to delve deeply into a topic, but as far as the Islamic World, the thirteen-year-old and I have read over a few texts and listened to his dad’s podcast on the topic, and I think that’s good for now. We will eventually watch some Great Courses on Islam, but we’re still not finished with the Great Course on Ancient Rome yet! So I’m going to post this log with a reminder that our history lessons are always in flux. We will come back and learn more about certain eras of history at different times. I don’t want to get stuck feeling like we can’t move on to another topic until we’ve exhausted this one. That would never work.

In addition, if you’ve been reading my blog, you may have noticed that history was not on my list of high priorities for this year. (This doesn’t mean we don’t do history.) Since I’m putting a higher priority on other subjects this year, I found World History Detective by the Critical Thinking Co. that my 13-year-old can work through at his own pace. He told me he really likes it. It’s considered a full curriculum that covers all of the ancient world. How cool is that? But we’ll still use my husband’s screencasts, our home library, public library, and other resources whenever we can find the time.

So, here’s our latest lesson log on the Islamic World:

Sources I’ve used for this topic:


My husband’s lecture and screencast titled “The Islamic World.”

Home Library

One World Many Religions: The Ways We Worship by Mary Pope Osbourne, Chapter on Islam, page 25

The Kingfisher History of Encyclopedia, pages 106-107, 116

From the Local Library

Islam by Michael Ashkar


Great Courses: There are a few Great Courses that include the history of the Islamic World, and eventually we’ll be watching some of them.


None so far

Field Trips

None so far

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