Our 6th and 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

This year I needed to save time (as a homeschooling parent I am sure you can relate), so I wrote about our 6th and 3rd grade curriculum on the home/school/life blog only. This is a list of all the resources we’re using right now in the 2018-2019 school year. I may write individual posts on these resources/subjects at a later date, if I can find the time. Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions, if you have any.

I hope you don’t mind making one click to access this post at home/school/life:

At Home with the Editors: Shelli’s 6th and 3rd Grade Curriculum

I also wrote about this year’s homeschool schedule in How to Create a Homeschool Schedule.

And please share your wisdom and favorite resources in the comments section!

4 thoughts on “Our 6th and 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

  1. A solid educational
    Plan! Thanks for the birding YouTube channel and history lectures. I love birding too. Right outside our window. I like to track them with Cornell university. I wish I had a child that liked birds as much as me. But I do have kids who love history, so those YouTubes will be helpful, thanks!


    1. Thank you! We do most of our birding outside our window too. It’s a lot of fun. I bet at least one of your kids will grow to appreciate birds too, if you are an active birder. 🙂 And you’re so welcome for the YouTube links.

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  2. Excellent article. The more we share, the more we support, the better our children’s future. Education is not what’s in books, but what we see, experience, and understand. I’m so glad I grew up while public schools were still state ran and I wasn’t tested out of my common sense. A little bit of a rebel earlier on, I was more interested in what was going on outside, and somehow, my common sense was encouraged in this manner. I thank God for the time given, the experiences given, in which to view any learning.

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