PDF Resource: Money Matters for Homeschoolers

Do you believe that homeschooling is expensive? You might be surprised to find out that some families have made homeschooling work on a barebones budget. They give new meaning to “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

In Money Matters for Homeschoolers: Financial Advice for Parents Who Take Charge of Their Children’s Education, you will meet these families and hear their advice. Also in this PDF resource, you will find:

  • tips for keeping homeschooling costs low
  • places to earn a little extra money
  • a summary of advice all financial experts teach
  • how to teach kids about money
  • links to free educational resources

Shelli Bond Pabis is senior editor of home/school/life magazine. She and her husband know only too well the sacrifices it takes to give children the best education possible. She hopes this resource will help other families who feel that home education is crucial to their children’s future success.

29 pages : $3.00 : Click here to purchase

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