Money Matters for Homeschoolers: Financial Advice for Parents Who Take Charge of Their Children’s Education

I’m excited to tell you about a new resource I have available. Money Matters for Homeschoolers: Financial Advice for Parents Who Take Charge of Their Children’s Education is a downloadable PDF containing everything I could think of to tell you about keeping homeschooling costs low and being financially savvy.

This PDF (or little e-book) contains the article I wrote in the 2014 Summer issue of home/school/life magazine. Also titled “Money Matters,” it was about three families who homeschooled through a financial crisis. Their stories are a testament to how important some parents feel a home education is for their child. For these families, homeschooling was not negotiable. I also followed up with these families and wrote about how they’re doing now in this e-book.

I also answer the question “Is homeschooling expensive?” and I give advice for how to keep it simple, where to find bargains, how to make a few extra dollars, and most importantly, I remind you that you don’t have to go on all the field trips or homeschool activities that are available in your area. Sometimes it’s important to pick and choose.

When I wrote the article “Money Matters” for home/school/life, I read several books by financial experts, and I realized that they all pretty much say the same thing — they just differ in details. In this PDF, I include a summary of what I learned.

You will also find a section that will help get you started in teaching your children about finances, and I end the book with a whole chapter full of links to free educational websites, where to find good financial advice, and much more.

This resource will be for sale soon on the home/school/life website, but I’m also excited to offer it directly here through Payhip! With Payhip, I can offer you a 25% discount, if you are willing to share this resource on Twitter and Facebook too. Isn’t that cool? (This is my first time using Payhip, so please tell me your experience, if you make a purchase.)

In addition to Money Matters, I have also revised my other resource — The Everyday Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching the 1st Grade. I’ve tweaked it a little and have retitled it The Everyday Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching the Early YearsI did this because upon reflection, it’s really not for just 1st grade. It’s about setting up your homeschool and starting good habits, and you can do this at any time of your journey, though it’s easier in the beginning. I spend a lot of time in The Everyday Homeschooler getting you to think about what you want your children’s education to look like, and I offer concrete tips on how to create a home atmosphere that will engage them in the learning process.

Now I have both Money Matters and The Everyday Homeschooler available through Payhip, and if you’d like to buy them both at the same time, I’m offering a discount. Click this link for that.

I would love to receive feedback about these resources so that I can make them better in future editions. If you’ve read either one of them, please let me know what you think about it. I truly hope these e-books will be helpful for those thinking about and currently homeschooling their children.

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