History for Homeschoolers

Some of you may have been using my husband’s website, History for Homeschoolers, for your history lessons. We decided to transfer that information over to my website for simplicity’s sake. This page will evolve as I add more information, but for now, I wanted to give you access to all the lectures that were on History for Homeschoolers. (That website is no longer available.) Also, see below for links to other resources that my husband recommends and uses in his classes.

My husband, George, has a Master’s Degree in Russian History and a Ph.D. in American History. He is the author of Daily Life along the MississippiHe has been teaching both American and world history at the college level for over 20 years. For fifteen years, he taught face-to-face classes, and then for a number of years, he taught hybrid courses, which were a combination of online and face-to-face. At first, he was very skeptical about online courses, but his fascination with using technology in education slowly led him in that direction, and now he teaches online full-time. He uses these lectures today in his online classes at Georgia State University Perimeter College.

These links will take you to my husband’s playlists on YouTube. Now you can follow along with the screencasts as well as listen to the lectures. (Although these lectures were created for the college level, my 11-year-old has been able to follow along with most of them. It’s a little harder for my 8-year-old to follow.)

  1. George Pabis’s U.S. History Lecture Videos
  2. George Pabis’s World History to 1500 Lecture Videos
  3. George Pabis’s World History from 1500 Lecture Videos


In addition to this, my husband wanted to let you know about these free textbooks that you can find on the Internet:

For World History:

Free World History Textbook from USG E-Core (other free textbooks on the site, click on “textbooks to the left” including a free U.S. History textbook to 1865)

For U.S. History:

Free U.S. History Textbook from OpenStax

Biography of America Series (Multimedia) (highly recommended, but maybe for older children)


And these are some of his favorite documentaries for U.S. History that he sometimes uses in his classes:

The American Experience Series (take your pick)

American Revolution from England’s Viewpoint

We Shall Remain Series (Native American History) (all wonderful…maybe some for older children)

Immigration Through Ellis Island

Mr. Sear’s Catalogue (one of my favorites..about Rural America)

The Century: America’s Time

Freedom Riders

Surviving the Dust Bowl  (wonderful, wonderful, wonderful)

America: The Story of US Series


And a few extra resources:

Cave of Forgotten Dreams (wonderful documentary about the Chauvet caves in Southern France) Available on Netflix

Liberty’s Kids  (About American Revolution. We haven’t watched this yet, but it gets good reviews.)

Of course…any of the School House Rock Videos on YouTube 😊

And I keep a list of all the documentaries we watch with our boys on Pinterest (mostly science so far but history to come). Click here.


In addition to these resources, follow this blog to find out how I am using these lectures with my own boys as we teach them about history. (Click here for my history lesson log #1.) I will include any books, documentaries and other resources that I find as we go along.

You can read about the books we are using for history lessons in Diving Into Human History.

And be sure to read How to Make a Big History Timeline for Your Wall.


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