Right Along Here

When I was young and traveling somewhere by car with my dad — and I think my Aunt Carolyn said this once too — I would ask, “Where are we?” and he would answer, “Right along here.”

When I thought about writing something today this seemed like the perfect title for this post because quite frankly, I don’t have any focus for this blog post. We have finished up our homeschool year, and we’ll be getting to the new one in due time. We just had birthday week, but we all got sick, so it wasn’t quite what anyone was expecting (and that’s okay), but it has driven me off the course I was expecting to go. I am not ready for anything. I have nothing checked off my to do list. And now I need to get ready for an upcoming adventure that I will tell you about another day, but none of that has anything to do with planning lessons, keeping house or getting work done. But that’s okay.

We’re right along here.

When I think about our daily life as homeschoolers, I realize that Life can interrupt us quite a bit. We get sick once or twice a year, or if we’re unlucky, more times than that. Some major house repair or a cleaning spree suddenly needs to happen. I realize we need to go shopping for clothes because everything is getting too small!  (Did I mention I have a seven-year-old and a ten-year-old now?! Wow. Just wow.) Or, I get tired, and I need to take a few days off. I need to watch Poldark on Amazon Prime. Life can toss you a wrench in many ways.

In short, Life is our routine with a series of bumps and interruptions that we navigate around and climb over constantly. And while sometimes that can be a little frustrating, it’s also good. It’s Life. Those bumps and interruptions make it more interesting, and we must embrace them.

We’re right along here.

So despite being sick, the boys had pretty good birthdays. My seven-year-old decided to first come down with the virus on his birthday and then give his brother and me the gift of illness. But he wasn’t that sick yet on his birthday, so he enjoyed a day of visitors and spending his birthday money, homemade cake and going out to dinner, etc.

My 10-year-old, however, was just about as sick as he could be on the morning of his birthday, so I did hear him said, “This is the worst birthday ever,” which I had to agree with, but by the evening, things improved. Now we are all recuperating and slowly getting back to normal.

Luckily I wasn’t as sick as I was in June. (Yes, this was my second summer cold. Hmfp.) You know, there are illnesses that make you go flat on your back, and then there are illnesses where you can walk around and do simple things, but please no thinking involved. This is how I felt. So on the first day when I just had a bad sore throat, I was able to at least walk around the yard, and I visited the praying mantis that lives on my son’s carnivorous plants (he’s a smart praying mantis, I think), and I found those beautiful little mushrooms, and I sketched a Carolina Chickadee. I haven’t been very good about sketching every week, but I do try to get the sketchbook out now and then. These down days are perfect for that.

Before we ever got sick and before the birthday week, I happily helped my son begin a new building project. He hasn’t wanted to build anything in a long time, and I think that’s because he’s so focused on piano. But I’m glad to see that when he has time, that urge creeps back up. Unfortunately, he never went back to finish this project, and I doubt he will. But, still, yay for the creative morning.

As I mentioned before, this summer didn’t quite feel like a summer. It was so hot that we didn’t get to venture into nature as much as I would have liked. But we did make it one day to Zoo Atlanta when we were pining to get out of the house. It was deadly hot, but the zoo has a lot of shade, and we were delighted to see that the flamingoes had babies!

It’s time for me to think about some posts describing plans for our 4th grade year and 1st grade year, and I’m sure somewhere on my to do list I have plans for other posts, but like I said…

We’re right along here.

Where are you?

4 thoughts on “Right Along Here

  1. Right along here, too 🙂 You made me chuckle about needing to watch “Poldark” — I watched it for the first time back in March and have been eagerly awaiting the new season… and yes, the health of the family or homeschooling mama has a very, very big part to play in how much gets accomplished!


    1. Hi Amy! You know, I decided to watch only half of the Poldark season so that I could end on a high note, and I’m not going to finish this season until the next season is available! LOL


  2. I am SO happy to have found your blog. I’m homeschooling our first grader and this is our first year doing it. My approach to homeschooling is so similar to yours that reading the blog entries has felt so affirming. Some other blogs have caused me to feel mildly anxious to downright terrified! I have a way I want to mentor my amazing daughter – she is so smart, and curious, and sweet and creative. I want her to love learning, and my style is not super organized or crazy meticulous. I was/am feeling very overwhelmed by much of the content out there on homeschooling. Add into it that I’m at my therapy practice 3 days a week and she is an only child and it gets very cluttered in my head… I could go on and on…
    Let’s just say I will be back very often, and I came across this blog at the PERFECT time (think: post meltdown crying spell in my backyard). So thanks for being out there – it is much appreciated!


    1. Thank you, Lindsey! ~ I am sorry it took me so long to respond. I’ve been out of town visiting relatives. But your message means a lot to me…thank you so much. If my blog is helpful and eases anxiety, that’s wonderful! I know exactly what you mean about those other blogs. I felt the same way when I started out. I couldn’t believe the extensive work parents were doing with such YOUNG children. I kept asking myself, “Aren’t kids just suppose to play?” Of course, I did do some formal learning, but as you see, it’s not what I spend the most time on in my house. As my kids get older, things change, of course. Please let me know, if you have any specific questions. I’m always available by e-mail.


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