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I was very excited this past weekend to finally meet my “boss,” Amy Sharony, and her husband, Jason, at the National Alliance for Secular Homeschooler’s inaugural conference in Atlanta, Georgia. We met there to help promote the magazine, but I was more excited about meeting them in person for the first time!  They are the sweetest couple ever! It was nice to see how enthusiastic they are about the magazine (because I am too!) and how they plan to keep it going. It takes time to build up everything we envision for home / school / life, and it can be frustrating when it’s basically just three people working on the major parts of the operation, but hey — we’ll keep working slow but sure and get it all done somehow!

I wrote about our meeting and what we talked about, especially some of our plans for the future of the magazine on the home / school / life blog, and I hope you’ll read about that by clicking here.


But I saved something more fun for my blog readers! 😉 Amy and Jason had these little coupons made up for people at the conference that allows them to download the summer issue for free. I grabbed 10 of them, and I thought I would share them with you. So, if you haven’t subscribed to the magazine yet – maybe you’re not sure about it and you’d like to check it out first – send me an e-mail at shelli@homeschoollifemag.com. I’ll give the code for the free issue to the first TEN people who e-mail me before midnight on Wednesday night. So send me that e-mail now! If you know someone who you’d like to give the magazine to, send me an e-mail and copy them, and I will send them the code too.

3 thoughts on “home / school / life free issue give-away

  1. I took a quick flip through the issue and I love it! Reminds me of the late, great Wondertime, my favorite parenting mag (also one of my favorite magazines ever, frankly). Can’t wait to explore more.


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