Quick Magazine Update

I’m excited to tell you that the premiere of home / school / life magazine should be out sometime next week! I’ve had an awesome time collaborating on this beautiful magazine (it’s beautiful because Amy, editor-in-chief, is soooo talented at page layout!). I don’t know about you, but when I’m reading something, whether in print or online, it’s gotta look nice or I skip to something else.

Today is the last day we’re offering a discounted rate on the digital subscriptions ($12; reg. $15). If you’re trying to decide, we’ve posted the Table of Contents on the website. (We will be posting information about print subscriptions soon. Unfortunately, that has been delayed because we’re waiting on some things to happen first.) If you buy a digital subscription and later decide you’d like a print subscription instead, we will gladly make the switch for you and apply what you’ve already paid toward your print subscription!

You can also read about our regular departments and their descriptions here.  If you have any questions at all, please ask me!

Your comments keep me going, so please leave a message. I'm happy to answer your questions. I usually respond with an e-mail within 48 hours, but even if I don't, I read and appreciate every comment. You do not need to leave a name or e-mail, but unless you have left a message before, I will have to approve it before you see it here.

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