Gift Ideas for Home Educators

Someone’s first Christmas

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This is a post I wrote two years ago. I thought it might help you (and me) as we get ready for this holiday, gift-giving season! I have added a few resources & checked all the links. Enjoy!


Do you have homeschooled children on your gift list this holiday season?  Or some precocious children who love to learn?

Homeschooling can be expensive or inexpensive, depending on how much parents decide to invest in it.  Curriculums can cost a pretty penny, but a lot of homeschoolers do without and use materials that they can find at the library or in thrift stores.

Still, the best way to get a child to learn is to lay some interesting materials around the house – a book on the coffee table, art supplies in an accessible bin, a game on a low shelf.  If they think that they are discovering it themselves, they are more likely to want to know all about it!  So homeschoolers will appreciate any extra help they can get to offer fun, educational tools to their children.

Here are some ideas they might love:

  • Art Supplies – I’m not talking about crayons and markers that you can buy at any grocery store (though kids love and need those too), but real art supplies that you can buy at art stores can make a wonderful gift.
  • Ask what they need – You may just want to ask what they need.  Do you know what kind of teaching method they are using?  You may find a store that specializes in it.  In addition, for homeschooling families who purchase curriculum, they may appreciate it if you could chip in on the cost because some curriculums can be quite expensive.  Or perhaps there are certain books or other resources they want but aren’t able to afford.
  • Let’s not forget books, especially if there’s a subject the children are interested in or studying.  And remember, gift certificates will be appreciated too!

Here are some cool online stores that may help you find that perfect gift. They are in no particular order.

Are you a homeschooler with a wish list?  Please tell me what you would like to receive for gifts this year! Or do you know of another cool place to buy educational items?  Do you make them yourself?  Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Home Educators

  1. My kids pour over the Rainbow Resource holiday catalog and the Playmobil catalog (rather than Toys R Us or Target) and have little access to ads on TV, so thankfully most of their “wishes” are for educational or make-believe things like those on your list. My daughter asked for a visit to the aquarium, so she is getting a membership. I REALLY want a Brock Magiscope for the family, but will wait until HSBC has them available again. Happy Holidays!


    1. JenRay – I just realized I never responded to the comment you made on my post about gifts for home educators. So sorry! A membership to the aquarium is awesome! My kids don’t watch regular TV either, but they so see plenty of toys at their friend’s houses that gives them ideas! 😉 I can remember when I was little – I was watching TV alone in a room, and every time a commercial came on, I would yell, “I want dat!” “I want dat!” When I got a a little older, my mother told me about that and said they would laugh at me because they had no idea what I was pointing at.


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