I Need Your Help

Dear Readers,

I’m very excited that my very first e-book is almost ready to publish! This is a short book, and it’s the one I’m using to learn the ropes as I go about this business of e-publishing. I’ll be using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (for better or worse – as I said, I’m just learning right now).

This e-book will contain essays and photography that I wrote and took right before and after my second son was born, so it’s geared to new mothers. Many of them have not been published on this blog.

What I didn’t anticipate was how difficult it would be to come up with a title and cover for this book. Unlike the other e-books I’m hoping to write, which lend themselves to titles, this one is a little more difficult. It’s one mother’s experience as she welcomes her second baby into the world and leaves behind the leisurely days of caring for just one child. (Oh, she didn’t realize they were ‘leisurely’ until she had the second child.)

One theme that runs through the book is the seasons and sometimes I compare the stages of new motherhood to the different seasons, which is why you’ll see allusions to this in the cover and title options below.

What I’d like you to do is pick your favorite. Or more specifically, what would grab you, if you were shopping for an e-book on this subject? If nothing grabs you, feel free to tell me that too! Or a different combination of photo/title. Like I said, this is my learning experience and e-book “experiment.” I will appreciate any thoughts or advice from more seasoned e-book writers!

Keep in mind that I want my title to contain a searchable keyword. So “motherhood” or “mother” needs to be in there. I’m finally starting to lean toward one of these, so I’m interested in hearing what grabs you. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!


I've Reached Autumn and Other Essays from a New Mother


New Motherhood 2


Seasons of New Motherhood 2


What I Least Expected

Tell me which is your favorite in the comments! #1, #2, #3, or #4? Or you can e-mail me at shellipabis (at) gmail (dot) com. THANK YOU.

(UPDATE: Nathalie came up with an alternative in the comments which is more to the point of what my essays are about: “And Then There Were Two: Essays on Motherhood.” Feel free to weigh in on that too.)

17 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. I like #3 — Seasons of a New Mother. The first one mentioning Autumn makes it sound like you are an older mom and I am an older mom.


  2. (This is a little long β€” sorry!) It’s hard to choose when you have such gorgeous pictures! I like 3 best β€” and I agree that with Carolyn that #1 makes it sound like you are an older mom writing from the older mom’s perspective (which would include the challenges of being an older mom).

    However, although the #3 picture is beautiful, I’m not sure it will work on an ebook (I’m in e-publishing). You need something that will pop out for someone looking at a tiny image of your cover on Amazon. People browsing books need to have the thumbnail image jump out at them β€” you don’t want them squinting trying to figure out what the photo represents because in most cases they won’t, they’ll just move on. The photo for cover number 2 would work well on a cover. However, for #2 there is a disjunction between the photo of two boys of 2 different ages and the title: I expect “new motherhood” to refer to 1st motherhood β€” although I’ve been told that the second time around can be an all new experience (my son is an only child).

    I realize that choosing a title can be really rough. Who is your audience? For example, would this book make a good gift for moms about to have their second child? (A shower gift or something-to-read-while-you-are-nursing gift?) Something like… “And Then There Were Two: Essays on Motherhood.”

    Is there one essay that stands out, that sets the theme of your book, and that could give your book its title β€” and maybe be followed by “And Other Essays”?

    I hope this is helpful β€” I am looking forward to your book and I am a big fan of your blog (I also have a 7-yr-old boy).


  3. Congrats on publishing your first e-book!! I like cover #3 the best, especially the photo. My husband, who writes over at http://spokeandtruth.com didn’t like any of them though and had this suggestion: “How Did This Coin Get in His Poop, and Other Essays From a New Mother”. Of course, he is a man, so make of that suggestion what you will. πŸ™‚


  4. Congrats on book! Awesome. Pic with both kids is great… and the later added title “And then there were two” is great, a seasonal feel is nice too like ” New Harvests of Motherhood”.


  5. Of the initial choices, I prefer #4 – If I were looking for a book like this, it would be because I was trying to cope with some of the unexpected things. But I think the alternative that Nathalie came up with is quite good as well.


  6. Shelli, i’m so so proud of you!!! My heart is bursting with excitement and awe! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on motherhood x2! That said, I’m choosing #3, Seasons Of New Motherhood, as I find it an all-encompassing title.


  7. I particularly like numbers 2 and 4. As titles and think the pictures are wonderful with them together. When do you expect your e-book to become available?


    1. Thank you, Candida! I appreciate everyone’s input, and I think I have the right photo/title now, although my husband convinced me to try a different software, so the design will be different, but even better, I think!

      I am hoping it will be available sometime in November. I need to tweak it a little, and then there will be the task of seeing what it looks like on the Kindle once I upload it to Amazon. I’m expecting there may be some problems with formatting, but I hope not! Anyway, with my busy schedule, I can’t possibly set a definite date, but I will get it done ASAP.

      Thank you so much for your help and support!


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