Inspire Kids: You are your microbes

One of my seven-year-old’s favorite words is “microscopic.” Does your kid have favorite words like that? He’s always talking about microscopic this and that. So when I found this short video, I thought he’d like it, and he sure did! It’s really interesting too.  If you have an older child or adult in your house interested in this subject, I recently heard a good program on NPR about this subject. They are doing a series.

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pink columbines You can view all of our Inspire Kids videos by clicking on the Inspire Kids tag. If my seven-year-old likes it, then maybe your children will too!

4 thoughts on “Inspire Kids: You are your microbes

  1. Fun video! You have great links 🙂 My son loves HUGE numbers like quintillion ( 10 to the 18th power). “What would happen if we made a quintillion cookies?” and decillion (10 to the 30th): “what if there was a decillion cars on the road” or, his favorite, centillion (10 to the 303), as in “I wish I had a centillion airplanes”

    On an unrelated note, I finally got around to posting about the School of Ants project 🙂 Thanks for the idea!


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