Worthy Reads


When your first official day of homeschooling kinda sucks – The Cultivated Mother – I think we can all relate.

An argument against raising well-rounded kids – Penelope Trunk

From Homeschooling to Home Alone – World – Wow. This depressed me. It’s not how I want to homeschool. I liked what the commenters had to say.

8 Most Annoying Things You Can Say to a Homeschooling Mom – The Stir

Homeschooling in the media

Debunking myths surrounding homeschooling – The Province

Homeschooling Becomes More Popular in China – The Wall Street Journal – Suddenly I’m seeing lots of these articles about homeschooling in China, yet there’s only about 2,000 homeschoolers in a country of over 1 billion people! Still, it will be interesting if the trend continues.

Homeschooling Dad Pays $7,143 In Public School Taxes With One Dollar Bills – Opposing Views – Not sure he’s going to get much sympathy outside the homeschooling community.

Homeschooling Resources 

Joe’s Science Book RecommendationsIf you are like me, there may be a lot of subjects you’d like to learn about so that you can teach your children better.  This book list looks like a good place to start for science.

200 Free Kids Educational Resources – Open Culture


Meeting our children’s needs, all at once – The home of Lisa Hassan Scott

Raising and Educating Boys

Teaching Boys to Respect Women – Building Boys – This is a great post, and I want to give a shout out to this new blog founded by Jennifer Fink. I think it has a lot of potential. I have enjoyed reading Jennifer’s blog posts about boys over the last couple of years.

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