Inspire Kids: Have you ever heard a Kookaburra sing?

My husband is reading my son the Magic Treehouse series, and they are on #20, Dingoes at Dinnertime, right now! It’s set in Australia, so they’re learning a bit about Australian animals. After reading the description of a Kookaburra’s call, my husband was intrigued and wanted to know what it really sounded like. He and my son found this video, which is quite fun to watch!

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pink columbines You can view all of our Inspire Kids videos by clicking on the Inspire Kids tag. If my seven-year-old likes it, then maybe your children will too!

One thought on “Inspire Kids: Have you ever heard a Kookaburra sing?

  1. Thanks for sharing this video. We’ve read the Magic Treehouse series (twice I think) so this had special meaning for my son too. How cool would it be to go outside your house and hear that in your yard on a regular basis?


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