Worthy Reads


When You Should Second Guess Your Homeschooling Decisions – We CAN Homeschool

The intellectual benefits of the real old-fashioned summer – Camp Creek Blog

How to Mentor a Kid with Big (Possibly Unrealistic) Dreams – Camp Creek Blog – I can’t help it. All of Lori’s posts are good.

Homeschooling Resources

Bill Harley – This storyteller had my sons in stitches with his tape “Dinosaurs Don’t Say Please and Other Stories.” Just wanted to give him a shout-out for all my story loving friends.


Why We Need To Value Students’ Spatial Creativity – MindShift – Both my boys, especially the younger one, are spatial learners. I’m so grateful that we can homeschool and give them the room to move and create.


Lonely? – FIMBY – I really appreciate Renee’s candid post on this topic. I have struggled with loneliness too, and while I’ve finally met some wonderful mama friends, I’m still seeking other friends to, as Renee explains, fulfill other needs. Anybody wanna be my friend?

Giving in to Fear – The Cultivated Mother – Beautiful post

8 Ways to Raise a Mindful Child (Photos) – Karen Maezen Miller on Huff Post


Forget self-denial: Key to richer, healthier life is a good imagination – NBC News.com

2 thoughts on “Worthy Reads

  1. thanks so much, shelli, for including my articles. 🙂 i really liked renee’s article as well. you always have some great stuff to share.


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