The Chicago Botanical Garden Butterfly Habitat

On our recent journey to Chicago to help my in-laws in an unfortunate circumstance, we took a couple of days to go out and do something fun. One of our favorite places is the Chicago Botanical Garden. We went last year when we were in Chicago visiting our relatives, and it was nice to go back feeling like we didn’t need to see everything. It’s a huge garden. One of our favorite spots within the garden is the butterfly habitat, and this year, especially, it seemed like a fitting celebratory ending to our experience raising Painted Lady Butterflies this spring. We spent a long, leisurely time in the habitat this year, and I was so excited knowing that my six-year-old fully understood the butterfly life cycle and because of that, it had more meaning for him.

I thought you might enjoy the photos I took of some of the butterflies in the habitat. The photographer in me was so delighted with my subjects.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6 thoughts on “The Chicago Botanical Garden Butterfly Habitat

  1. My 7-year old says, when asked for comments: Cute. Cute and funny! (But he made many more while watching the slide show: Whoa! Look at that one! Cool!)

    Thank you for sharing your photos – we’ve never been to Chicago, and there’s no butterfly habitat nearby. These are some beautiful pictures. (My Boy’s favorite is the one that looks like it’s zebra-striped. Mine is the one with wings that look like lace. Or the zebra. Or the one with the really long “tails.” Or….)


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