Inspire Kids: Space Oddity

Okay, so I know you’ve already seen this. It’s gone viral, and it’s been in the news. But how could I not add it to my Inspire Kids series? Chris Hadfield has been a wonderful role model for children by creating all sorts of YouTube videos during his five months as commander of Expedition 35 at the International Space Station. I posted one in my Inspire Kids already that I especially like, and you can find more on YouTube.  Both of my sons loved watching this as I’m sure everyone has.

The vocals were really recorded in space! This is his version of David Bowie’s 1969 “Space Oddity.”

He just returned to Earth last week. Thanks for all your hard work, Commander Hadfield.

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pink columbines You can view all of our Inspire Kids videos by clicking on the Inspire Kids tag. If my six-year-old likes it, then maybe your children will too!

2 thoughts on “Inspire Kids: Space Oddity

  1. We have been loving his videos here! My 3-year-old asks for them all the time. Cmdr. Hadfield, and the videos he has done are so interesting and inspiring, aren’t they?! DD just turned 6, and for her bday she received a puzzle map of the world. Putting it together for the first time today, she pointed out Canada as the country he is from, and Mongolia as the country where they landed last week. So he is teaching geography too!

    Glad to see a few posts from you lately – I have been missing them!


    1. Hi, JenRay! That’s awesome that Cmdr. Hadfield has inspired your youngsters! And thank you. I know I have not been posting regularly, and I probably won’t as much through the summer. I have some other things I want to work on. But I’m going to try to do a Tues/Thurs post here. We’ll see how it goes. It warms my heart that I’m “missed” though! Thank you!


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