Inspire Kids: Take advice from an astronaut…

This video is very short (2:23 minutes), and it’s probably more appropriate to show to middle schoolers or high schoolers…kids who are starting to seriously think about their futures. (But I did show it to my six-year-old, and he said he liked it.) I want to post it here because you may have older children who could benefit from his advice, and I want to have it available for the future when my boys are trying to decide what they want to do with their lives.

It’s also very inspiring for adults. I hope you enjoy it.

But this video made me think of something I’ve often thought of – how we hear these inspiring words from “successful” people who have “made it.” But what about all the people who have worked their butts off to achieve a dream, and they never made it? And what if they are still inspiring because they have found peace and happiness in their lives? I wish I could read books by and listen to videos by those people. If you know of any, please pass them along…

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pink columbines This is a new series I’ve started under the tag “Inspire Kids.”  If my six-year-old likes it, then maybe your children will too!

One thought on “Inspire Kids: Take advice from an astronaut…

If you are needing to teach your child at home due to the school closures, feel free to ask me any questions. Don’t try to replicate school or my homeschool! Take some time to relax. You’ll figure it out.

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