Inspire Kids: Take advice from an astronaut…

This video is very short (2:23 minutes), and it’s probably more appropriate to show to middle schoolers or high schoolers…kids who are starting to seriously think about their futures. (But I did show it to my six-year-old, and he said he liked it.) I want to post it here because you may have older children who could benefit from his advice, and I want to have it available for the future when my boys are trying to decide what they want to do with their lives.

It’s also very inspiring for adults. I hope you enjoy it.

But this video made me think of something I’ve often thought of – how we hear these inspiring words from “successful” people who have “made it.” But what about all the people who have worked their butts off to achieve a dream, and they never made it? And what if they are still inspiring because they have found peace and happiness in their lives? I wish I could read books by and listen to videos by those people. If you know of any, please pass them along…

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pink columbines This is a new series I’ve started under the tag “Inspire Kids.”  If my six-year-old likes it, then maybe your children will too!

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