House Cleaning with Children

Never miss an opportunity to let your children help with the housework, especially if they volunteer….

And remember, it’s not how well they get the job done….

Praise the effort. Praise yourself for raising self-sufficient children!

And for goodness sake, have fun!

2 thoughts on “House Cleaning with Children

  1. Ahhh… this is an area I know I am not good at and need to try harder. I can’t stand to clean, so just want to get it done as fast as possible, thus, not with the kids anywhere near me. My 4.5 y/o really wants to help in some areas like cleaning dishes and folding laundry, so I have been trying to be patient with her and teaching her how to help, but it drives me crazy, I admit. My husband has been doing a great job teaching her to dust, though.


    1. Hi Peggy! Oh, there are times I don’t like having the kids help either. Like last week when my 3yo wanted to help me unload the dishwasher…yikes! But he insisted, and thankfully he didn’t drop anything. There are times I just want to finish quickly, so I tell my 6yo that he’s helping me by playing with his brother. But I do involve them a lot with the cleaning. But I’m not a neat freak for sure. It helps me to have helpers.

      This reminds me that as my husband was growing up (he wasn’t homeschooled), both his parents worked, and they required him and his sister to clean the house every Saturday while his mom was at work. Of course, this was when they were older and capable of doing the big jobs, but I do think it’s good for kids to have to help with the housework….it should be a team effort with the whole family.


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