Inspire Kids: International Space Station Tour

This video requires no introduction. How cool is this? My six-year-old loved it.  I heard a resounding "OOOOoooo....Ahhh...." as she entered the cupola and looked down at earth. This was filmed in November 2012. (If you subscribe to my blog by e-mail, you may have to view this post on the Internet to see the … Continue reading Inspire Kids: International Space Station Tour

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Inspire Kids: Shape-shifting dinosaurs

I found this informative Ted Talk, and I thought my six-year-old would enjoy it because like many children, he's very interested in dinosaurs. He did like it. I watched it with him, and I explained to him what the word "ego" means, and I also pointed to the charts as the paleontologist was talking since … Continue reading Inspire Kids: Shape-shifting dinosaurs

Building the Titanic: Project-based Homeschooling

Note: This column was printed in the Barrow Journal on Wednesday, January 9, 2013.  One night my family was watching a documentary about a sunken ship when my son asked me about another “big, fancy ship that sunk.” I had mentioned the Titanic to him a few months ago because 2012 was the 100th anniversary … Continue reading Building the Titanic: Project-based Homeschooling

Worthy Reads

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Homeschooling for Safety Reasons

Note: This column was printed in the Barrow Journal on January 2, 2013. It troubles me to see a surge of interest in homeschooling after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I love homeschooling my family, and I have to admit that after the tragedy, I was glad my children weren't attending school that following Monday. … Continue reading Homeschooling for Safety Reasons