Worthy Reads or Maybe Not?

I’m holding off on my regular Worthy Reads to show you this onslaught of articles in the media about families wanting to homeschool after the massacre. I have great reservations about this, and I have a written my own response to this that will be published in the Barrow Journal on January 2, 2013.  I will also post it here on January 3rd.  On that post, I’ll ask you to share your thoughts about this, although you are more than welcome to do so now too.

I’m so very sad by everything that is happening in the wake of this tragedy.  I can barely read the news.

I stopped compiling this list on Sunday, December 23rd. I’m sure there will be more, but I’m also sure they’ll all sound similar.

Homeschooling as a knee-jerk reaction to the Connecticut school shooting – examiner.com

Which ‘Teen Mom’ star is homeschooling her child after Sandy Hook massacre? – Canada Reality TV/examiner.com

Homeschooling An Option For Fearful Parents – everythinglubbock.com

Connecticut Tragedy Feeds Homeschooling Debate – Valley News Live – Fargo/Grand Forks

Homeschool In Wake of Shooting – KOKH FOX25

Parents concerned about recent violence consider homeschooling options – click2houston.com

Post Newtown Shooting: Interest in homeschooling surges – FOX5 San Diego

Some consider homeschooling after Connecticut shooting – CBS 5 – KPHO

Get Out Now: How School Violence Led Us to Homeschooling – Wired

Families turn to homeschooling after Newtown, Connecticut shooting at Sandy Hook – examiner.com

Parents consider homeschool in wake of school shooting – Bay News 9, Florida

5 thoughts on “Worthy Reads or Maybe Not?

  1. i think parents who turn to hs’ing for a reason like this will quickly go back to regular school. i can’t imagine most of them will really be embracing the whole change in routine/lifestyle/educational approach. once the fear wears off, they’ll return to the familiar.


  2. I also agree. I don’t homeschool, but i tutor kids with learning disabilities. teaching takes commitment and passion, not fear.

    Also, keeping kids home to keep them safe from one specific kind of threat is reactionary, not rational. Life comes with a multitude of risks. We can take reasonable steps to be safe, like wear a seatbelt, or keep the school’s doors locked, but we can never entirely rid our children’s worlds of danger. Pulling them out of school sounds like an attempt to do so.


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