Worthy Reads


December & Christmas Activities with Small Children – Mama of Letters – This is the post I wrote last year about our December traditions, which is slim & stress-free, and except for a few exceptions, this year isn’t going to look much different.

So, how do you homeschool? – Simple Homeschool

Homeschooling gets good grades for pupils – Spirit Of Jefferson (West Virginia)

Home is Where the School is: An Argument for Homeschooling Children – Political Fiber


Do Students Really Have Different Learning Styles? – Mindshift

Are We Wringing the Creativity Out of Kids? – Mindshift – Gives some good information about when and why, exactly, children might start to consider themselves not creative.  I think as homeschoolers we have a good advantage of watching our children closely and combating this.  Children need to learn that failure is okay (next article is a good one on this topic).  They don’t have to be perfect.  In fact, all artists do many “rough drafts” before they are satisfied with their work….this is what I tell my son.

STEM Students Must Be Taught to Fail – US News and World Report – Yes, and ALL students need to be taught to fail.

How Design Can Get Kids On the Path to Tech Careers – Co.Design

My View: When it comes to a longer school day, something’s got to give – CNN Schools of Thought – Longer school days do not sound good to a homeschooler. We homeschool because we want our kids to have the freedom to play, explore, daydream and really be kids while they’re able to be kids.  The real school work can be done in such a shorter time.  Still, I recognize that for some kids, a longer school day might be a blessing. They may be safer at school than at home or on the street. They may need the extra time studying.  I hope, as this gentleman writes, that schools use the time wisely and not simply to push more drill and memorization on kids.

The looming crisis of student loan debt – CNN Schools of Thought


Attachment and Success – Avant Parenting

Why You’re Never Failing as a Mother – Pregnant Chicken

An Awesome Way to Make Kids Less Self-Absorbed – Greater Good

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