Worthy Reads


The Value in Mistakes – Interest-Led Learning

What About Socialization? – Homeschool.com

Homeschooling works – the star online

Homeschooling a better choice for some – Franklin Park Herald, Chicago Sun-Times

Nova Scotia would be ‘worst place in Canada’ for homeschoolers if gvmt heeds new report – LifeSiteNews.com

Kenya to outlaw homeschooling? – One News Now


Want to succeed in STEM? Listen to the experts! – Innovative Educator

ECE (Preschool) is no good for 4, 5 and possibly 6 year olds, expert says – Home Education Foundation – In some ways, I agree with this.  I think children benefit more from being at home with their parents during their early years, if their parents provide them with a stimulating, loving environment.  I don’t think kids need the kind of “socialization” that many people think they need at such a young age. Forming bonds with their family and possibly a close network of extended family and friends is ideal. However, I have read that preschool does benefit children from lower income families or families who cannot provide the a loving, engaging environment.  And I think shunning preschool altogether can hurt many families who have no other choice but to put more energy into their work than in their family life in order to survive.  What we need is to get our society to walk the walk and not just talk the talk about promoting family values!

Homework: It fails our students and undermines American education – SmartBlogs – I agree!  Kids are in school all day, and they have to do homework at night. When are they supposed to play?!

Schools Are Ruining Our Kids – Vanity Fair – Perhaps a little extreme, but it’s thought-provoking.


Giving a Child Permission to Be Miserable – Motherload Blog, NYTimes.com

Four Hours of Screen Time? No Problem – Motherload Blog, NYTimes.com

Limit children’s screen time, expert urges – BBC News – I have already written about our T.V. viewing, but this makes me tempted to write a another post. I think many good parents read these kinds of articles and then freak out about their kids having any screen time.  But in reality, these articles are for the parents who aren’t involved enough in their kids’ education and individual interests.  Do you read books to your kids? Do you have conversations with them? Are your kids involved in activities outside the home? Are you doing projects together? Getting out into nature?  What kinds of programming are your kids really watching? I doubt it’s harming them.

Educating Boys

Educating Boys – ABC Sydney – Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Though this sounds like a good school, I don’t agree with the statement that boys are different because we nurture them differently. They are just different!  And we nurture each child according to his/her needs.

Why You Should Care About International Men’s Day – Blogging ‘Bout Boys


30 Storytelling Tips for Educators: How to Capture Your Student’s Attention – InformED – I was asked to share this article with you, and while I think it’s great, I also think it may overwhelm the novice storyteller!  Remember, to tell stories, all you have to do is begin… I am planning to write much more about storytelling for parents.  Trying to find the time….!  I hope you’ll bear with me.

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