Worthy Reads

Homeschooling in the media

Rural Homeschooling on the Rise – Daily Yonder | Keep It Rural

The Last Radicals – National Review Online

Homeschooling an option for some – Geneva Republican

To Be Young, Gifted and Bored, Part 2 – GPB Blogs

Success requires balancing being right with being nice – Penelope Trunk


Homeschooling Resources

http://www.primarilyreading.com – Welcome to Primarily Reading where you will find free materials for beginning readers and later learners.

“most of what you think you know about writing is useless” – Wonder Farm – This is becoming one of my favorite blogs to follow too.

Critique with children – Project Based Homeschooling – I need to hang this up on my wall.

9 Creative Storytelling Tools That Will Make You Wish You Were A Student Again – THE Journal



A Is for Apps for Education – PCMag.com

Worst College Majors for Your Career – Yahoo! Finance

Helping kids cross the digital divide – CNN Radio News

My view: America’s students can benefit from Singapore math – CNN Schools of Thought – Does anyone use Singapore Math in your homeschool?  Do you like it? I’m thinking of looking into other math programs for us, so I’d like to hear comments.

How to Help Your Kinesthetic Learner Do Better in School – NannyPro.com

My View: The future of credentials – CNN Schools of Thought

My View: Should I know where I’ll be in 10 years? – CNN Schools of Thought

The rigor (?) of kindergarten! – The Innovative Educator – Yep, one of the reasons we’re homeschooling right now.

Attention Disorder or Not, Children Prescribed Pills to Help in School – NYTimes.com

Teaching What You Don’t Know – The Chronicle of Higher Education – “Teaching as a content novice, you are more likely to set realistic expectations for learners, to notice when they are breaking down and experiencing problems, and to pause and make adjustments in response—instead of marching dutifully from one end of the syllabus to the other, covering everything on your ambitious agenda.”



How to be a calm parent – Awesomely Awake – Great post by Shawn Ledington Fink. I think I need to hang it on my wall too.



How to Advance in the Workforce, Even if you’re a Stay at Home Mom – A Successful Woman

Dealing with Naysayers & Negativity – written by one of my favorite bloggers, Renee Tougas – outsideways – Excellent commentary for anyone who is dealing with criticism about their choice to homeschool!


I can’t possibly list all the articles on homeschooling that are popping up the media these days, and I can’t list all the interesting education articles, or parenting or other resources….so I leave it up to now: Please share any worthy reads YOU have found (or written) recently.  Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Worthy Reads

  1. I write to you you from Spain. First of all, I want to thank you for your excellent blog. I’m also interested in singaporemath and how it does compare to some other approaches like JumpMath, which we use at home.


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