Backyard Adventure (not for the faint of heart)

Note: This column was printed in the Barrow Journal on September 26, 2012. This past weekend our very own backyard provided us with an up close wildlife encounter.  My boys were playing in the backyard, and the way my son tells it, he was standing near our woodpile when he heard a squirrel screaming and a lot of … Continue reading Backyard Adventure (not for the faint of heart)

Post Script: Using E-mail in Home Education

When I wrote my last column on using e-mail in our homeschool, I didn't realize how beneficial one aspect of it would be, so I thought I'd add a little more about that. What I'm referring to is sending my six-year-old articles that I find on the web that he might be interested in.  Sometimes … Continue reading Post Script: Using E-mail in Home Education

Using Technology in Home Education

{Homeschooling and Technology} Note: This column was printed in the Barrow Journal on Wednesday, October 10, 2012. My husband told me I ought to listen to an episode of a podcast called Mac Power Users: Episode 93. This episode is an interview with Fraser Speirs, a mobile education consultant.  He works for the Cedar School of Excellence … Continue reading Using Technology in Home Education

Worthy Reads & Blog Business

First, I'd like to thank Simple Homeschool for listing my column "On Homeschooling, Socialization and Religion" on their weekend links! Photography Friends - I have also done some renovation on my photography website, and if you are interested in photography, I'd like you invite you to follow me on my photo blog.  While homeschooling, I don't … Continue reading Worthy Reads & Blog Business

Back to Homeschool Update

{Homeschool Schedule}  {A Day in the Life of Our Homeschool}  {Homeschooling Kindergarten / 1st grade with a three-year-old in the house} playdates are a regular part of our homeschool schedule At the beginning of September I wrote a column for the newspaper titled "Back to Homeschool" because we started our new school year and homeschool … Continue reading Back to Homeschool Update