Tadpole Update #2: They have legs!

We were very excited this evening to see tiny legs on our tadpoles!  Below are some photos that I took in the last few days.  I’ve put dates on the images so that you can see the progress.  Though we thought they were about to get legs, tonight was the first time we could definitely see them.  To see my first photos of the tadpoles and learn how we got them and how we’re taking care of them, click here.

Have you ever raised tadpoles or any other kind of critter?

7 thoughts on “Tadpole Update #2: They have legs!

    1. Oh my! I don’t have a clue, Kristina. Is there a nature center around your area where you could call for advice? Can you scoop them up and put them in a nearby pond or other place? Do you know what they might be? We have toads who live naturally in our yard, and we were told all they need is a puddle for about a week. It’s safer for them in a puddle because in a pond they would most likely be eaten by predators. Frogs take longer, but it depends on the species. Let me know what you do!


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