We All Matter

If there’s one New Year’s resolution I make this year, it will be to remember that my actions have a larger meaning than I usually give them credit for. Without my knowing it, something I said, did or wrote could affect someone miles away, long after I’m gone. I hope you’ll remember that too. You matter. We all matter.

Hiking 101: Getting the Family Into Nature

One of my best Christmas presents was a request from my husband that we buy ourselves some new hiking boots and begin to make hiking a priority and a ritual in this family.  Yahoo!  A mutual love of hiking was part of why I fell for my fella, and we used to go on day hikes … Continue reading Hiking 101: Getting the Family Into Nature

The Best Christmas Gifts For This Tired Mama

Note: This column appeared in the Barrow Journal on December 22, 2011. Last week we trimmed the tree, or, actually, my five-year-old trimmed the tree.  I assembled it and put the lights on, and then he put on every single ornament by himself.  He got very irritated with me if I tried to put one on. … Continue reading The Best Christmas Gifts For This Tired Mama

Worthy Reads about Raising and Educating Boys

Since I have two boys, I cannot help but be interested in information to help me understand the unique needs of boys.  Below is a list of books and online resources that I have found, and I plan to add to this list as I find more.  I hope you'll contribute to this by leaving … Continue reading Worthy Reads about Raising and Educating Boys

My Definition of Child-led Learning

For me, doing “child-led learning” means introducing my boys to a variety of books, places, classes, stories, and people. I am a facilitator and mentor. As we explore the world together, I’m going to observe what they love the most. When they gain interest in a particular subject, I’m going to let them delve into it further, and I’m going to do everything I can to help them learn more about it until they are satisfied. I expect some interests may peter out and others may be life-long passions.

Kids Say The Darndest Things

When I was a child, my parents had a copy of Art Linkletter's book Kids Say the Darndest Things, and I loved reading it.  Now that I have my own children, I'm enjoying listening to all their jibber-jabber, "information" they impart to me, and my five-year-old's endless questions, which I actually love.  I thought I … Continue reading Kids Say The Darndest Things