November & Thanksgiving Activities With Small Children

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I wanted to create history lessons around each holiday this year.  In addition to this, I want to do general activities to celebrate each season.  However, I still feel the need to keep things extremely simple with my boys.  At ages 5 & 2, they just aren't ready … Continue reading November & Thanksgiving Activities With Small Children

The Importance of Play in Children’s Lives

Sometimes I’ll get the question: “How’s homeschooling going?” and I get a little taken aback because I feel as if I should answer: “It’s great! We’re doing reading, math, science, art and going on lots of field trips!” At least, that’s what I think people want to hear. After all, if my child were in Kindergarten, he would be getting a daily dose of the above. Truth be told, though we do a little of that stuff, and I’ve written about it in my columns, my main directive for my kids is “Go play.”