Interactive Neighborhood for Kids (INK) Museum in Gainesville, Georgia

We had a great time today at the INK Museum in Gainesville.  It was our first visit, and I’m sure we’ll be returning many times!  We met some homeschoolers we know there, and since it was homeschool day at the museum, the admission was half price ($4).  (First Tuesday of every month is homeschool day.)  My youngest was free because he is (just) under two.  You can view the website at

Above is a photo of my four-year-old’s favorite room: the music room.  There’s also a real fire engine, police car, and airplane to sit in. My youngest loved the airplane, and I think he would have sat in it all day, if we let him.

This is the ultimate place to play make-believe!

They also have a children’s size grocery store, which was a huge hit with my kids, and there’s also a vet clinic, bank, radiologist clinic, playroom, toy trains and much, much more.  If you live in this area and have kids, you must go.





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