Just for Fun: Our Trip to Anna Ruby Falls

a dusky salamander (probably)

Yesterday, for Father’s Day, we drove up near Helen, Georgia and went to see Anna Ruby Falls.  This is a great trip for kids, though, fair warning, it can be a bit touristy. (Yesterday there were a lot of people, but we’ve been there mid-week and it was very quiet.)  The trail to the falls is about .5 mile long, but it’s all uphill, so it seems a little longer.  It’s all paved too, which makes it stroller (and wheelchair) accessible.  I think that Smith Creek, which runs along the path, is even more beautiful than the falls.

Yesterday I had my 50mm with me, which is my smallest and lightest lens, and that is why I like to take it on day trips.  It’s perfect for getting up close to the flora and fauna, which is what I wanted to focus on this time. (Last year I had my wide angle and got some beautiful images with it.)

My son loves to look for the salamanders that can be found along the trail.  We only saw one yesterday.  (Maybe all the people scared the others away?)  One of my dearest friends is a herpetologist, and she told me this salamander is probably a “dusky salamander,” but she’d have to hold it in her hand to identify it properly.

Ahem.  I don’t have any good photos of my husband or kids, but that isn’t exactly my fault.  They just weren’t in the mood to get their pictures taken.  But I’m thankful that I have a wonderful husband and father who was willing to watch the boys and help them throw rocks and sticks into the water while I rambled along with my camera.  (After all, it was father’s day.  That means he gets to watch the kids, right? lol)

We love getting out into nature and taking hikes, and we’re looking forward to when the boys get older and can go on other day hikes.  There are so many in the North Georgia Mountains!  As much as my four-year-old loves it, however, his favorite part was going to the gift shop at the visitor center and getting a keepsake.  In this case, he picked out some toys that represented the life-cycle of frogs.  So that was educational!

Yes, it was a good day and “field trip.”

Lucky us, the rhododendron was blooming!

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